All of us would agree that the most crucial aspect of our job is safety. Ironically, our role as Cabin Crew is often misunderstood as being “customer service” Thankfully, all of us are well aware of our role as Safety Experts on board the aircraft. At the Local, we are all fortunate to have a great team of Health and Safety representatives. Please contact them with your concerns! Your local Health and Safety reps are Nuria Colobrado, and Stacy Corbeil.

Calgary Health and Safety Committee contact:


Emergency Help Line: 1(866)758-3037

Know your rights!

When it comes to your health and Safety, you have the…

1. Right to know
2. Right to participate
3. Right to refuse unsafe work

Following any incident, please provide copies of any reports to your local office so that the H&S Reps can ask details from the employer.