The Employee Assistance program represents an effort by CUPE and Air Canada to provide an effective means of help to any employee experiencing difficulties in his/her life, whether or not those difficulties are interfering with the employee’s work performance. This program is a joint venture, supported by both union and management, in which the employee’s personal welfare is a priority issue.

The CUPE Employee Assistance Program consists of: Peer Referral Coordinators and Wilson Banwell Professional Counselors. This program is strictly confidential.

Basic Program Elements of EAP
Six program elements are musts in effectively linking people to services
1. Maintenance of an accurate, up-to-date information bank of resources available in the community.
2. Talking to the employee to hear what kind of help is needed.
3. Providing needed information as to the nature and location of available kinds of assistance.
4. Referral to an appropriate community resource.
5. Follow up to ensure the employee is satisfied with the help.
6. The systematic collection of statistical data to identify strengths or weaknesses in services.

People with Problems Need Services
Everyone faces personal problems from time to time. Often these problems are only temporary and are resolved by you, or with the assistance of family and friends. Sometimes, however, they are serious enough to require professional help, and may, in the absence of such assistance, cause severe personal distress. When these concerns are not addressed, your work performance may be affected and your job security threatened.
When troubled individuals go to work, their problems go with them. They manifest themselves in mistakes, preoccupation, reduced productivity and increased absenteeism.

The consequences are often traumatic.
Air Canada Component of CUPE has initiated an on-site confidential referral program using referral agents to help troubled employees through difficult times by helping them to reach needed professional services promptly.

Services Are Available But Difficult To Reach
In Canada, there are presently hundreds of organizations providing in excess of 300 different kinds of service, and new organizations and services are being developed all the time in response to individual needs. Therefore, if a person has a problem, there is probably a resource available in the community to help alleviate or resolve it.  As the number of services has increased, so has the complexity of the system. Employees are often baffled as to where to go and frustrated and demoralized by going door-to door trying to find their way through the labyrinth. Even well informed and well-intentioned persons to whom people turn for help -doctors, lawyers, clergy, politicians, and agency personnel- are often unsure where appropriate help may be obtained. EAP Connects People and ServicesThe Employee Assistance Program has been developed partly in response to the needs of troubled employees who may be unaware of services available to them or unsure how to reach them. It aims to quickly and simply link people with appropriate sources of assistance.

Employee Assistance Peer Referral Coordinators:
*The Employee Assistance Peer Referral Coordinator (local EAP Committee member) is a carefully chosen employee who links employees desiring help in their personal lives with an appropriate community or medical resource.
*The Referral Agent will follow up on treatment or assistance provided to ensure that adequate and effective help has been received.
*The Referral Agent does not provide diagnosis, prescription or treatment services.
*Referral Agents are nominated by the EAP Committee, union locals or management and are accountable for their function to the local EAP Area Committee.
*The Referral Agent performs this role on a volunteer part-time basis, as needs arise.

EAP Peer Referral Coordinators
For obvious reasons, we are not posting phone numbers on the web. Please contact us and we will put you in touch with one of the EAP coordinators If you have a password for the AC Component Website, you will find the numbers posted there.

Send us an email and we will send you the information, however if this is an emergency contact EAP directly at 1-800-663-1142 (English) or 1-888-384-1152 (French)